Interview to a Researcher
September 2018

An interview to Paula C. Angelomé, researcher in our group, was included in the newsletter of the International Sol Gel Society in the section entitled “Researcher in the spotlight”.

See the interview.

Degree Thesis
Agosto de 2018

Juan Ignacio Ramallo defended his final work to obtain the Materials’ Engineering degree at Instituto Sabato (UNSAM-CNEA). The work "Synthesis, structural characterization and mechanical properties of porous coatings designed to protect optical devices" was directed by M. Cecilia Fuertes and Diego Lionello. Congratulations!

PhD Thesis
July 2018

Paula Y. Steinberg presented her PhD thesis "Structural control of TiO2 mesoporous thin films and its effects on the transport and reactivity within confined environments". The thesis, directed by Galo Soler-Illia and Paula C. Angelomé, was presented at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemsitry and Physical Chemistry (FCEN, UBA). Congratulations!

PhD Thesis
July 2018

Sebastián Alberti presented his PhD thesis on hybrid polymer-oxides mesoporous thin film synthesis and characterization, directed by Galo Soler-Illia y Omar Azzaroni (INIFTA-UNLP). The thesis was presented at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemsitry and Physical Chemistry of the FCEN, UBA. Congratulations!

PhD Thesis
May 2018

Diego Lionello presented his thesis entitled "Mechanical and tribological properties of nanostructured materials" at the Instituto Sabato (UNSAM-CNEA). With this work, directed by Galo Soler-Illia and M. Cecilia Fuertes, he obtained the title of Doctor in Science and Technology, Mention in Materials. Congratulations!

Journal Cover
April 2017

A recent paper of the group was featured in the cover a the prestigious Journal of Materials Chemistry C and was also included in the HOT Papers 2017 section of the journal.

See the article.

Workshop on X Rays
April 2017

Our group, together with Instituto de Nanosistemas (UNSAM) organized the Workshop "Advances in Small Angle X Ray Scattering and Deep X Ray Litogrpahy". Heinz Amenitsch and Benedetta Marmiroli from Elettra synchrotron (Italy) and TU Graz (Austria) were the main speakers, thanks to a bilateral agreement between the Science ministeries from Argentina and Austria. Moreover, local researchers also presented their recent works on the subject.

See an article (in Spanish) about the event.

Prize for a MSc Thesis
November 2016

The MSc Thesis in Materials Science of Constanza Sansierra (codirected by Dr. Fuertes and Dr. Angelomé) received the Instituto Sabato Prize for the Best Thesis in the Field of Materials Science and Technology between 2014-2016.

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Qnano in the press
September 2015

An article about our group appeared in the 17 edition of U-238, a journal devoted to nuclear technology.

See the Article (in Spanish).

New equipment
June 2015

The Chemistry of Nanomaterials Group has received a X Ray Diffractometer, Empyrean model. With this equipment it is possible to perform Diffraction measurements (to obtain crystalline phases) and Reflectometry measurements (to obtain thin films thicknesses).

Thesis Defense
March 2oth, 2015

Ianina Violi defended her PhD thesis entitled "Films delgados mesoporosos de óxidos metálicos nanocristalinos con aplicaciones en dispositivos fotovoltaicos y catálisis" and she obtained the PhD degree of University of Buenos Aires. The thesis was performed under supervition of Dr. Galo Soler Illia.

Congratulations Ianina!

Sensors Paper
August 6th, 2014

In this new paper, carried out in collaboration with Dr. Alejandro Fainstein's group (Centro Atómico Bariloche, Bariloche, Argentina), we present the preparation of a novel sensor based on Tamm Plasmons.
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Konex Prize
November 12th, 2013

Dr. Galo Soler Illia received the Platinum Konex Prize in the nanotechnology area, in a ceremony held at the National Academy of Medicine.

The prestigious prize was awarded by the Konex Foundation, a proposal from the grand jury, consisting of 20 leading figures in science and science journalism.

More information (in Spanish)