Synthesis of Mesoporous Materials

Mesoporous materials present great interest to the scientific community, due to their tunable physical and chemical properties, as well as the wide potential industrial applications.

We develop methods of production mesoporous materials: oxides (SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, mixed oxides), phosphates, chalcogenides, and organic-inorganic hybrid structures. These materials are prepared by combining the Sol-gel process with Self-Assembly of surfactants that act like pore templates. The materials thus obtained present highly controlled porosity: pore volume, size, shape and spatial pore arrangement can be finely tuned. These materials can be processed as powders (by precipitation or by spray) or thin films (using dip or spin-coating). We design both the synthesis and subsequent materials treatment, in order to tailor specific properties (porosity, composition, crystallinity and particle size, hydrophilicity, etc...).