Alejandro Wolosiuk

is an Associate Investigator at CONICET (2006-) and Secretary of the Chemical Physics Argentine Research Association (AAIFQ, 2013-). His areas of expertise are chemical synthesis and property studies of porous materials and layered systems with applications on the fields of catalysis, sensor design and molecular markers. He is Licenciate (MSs) in Chemistry (1998, UBA) and obtained his PhD as a member of the Molecular Electrochemistry Group of the FCEyN (UBA) under the direction of Dr. Ernesto J. Calvo, on the area of amperometric enzymatic biosensors (2002) for which he obtained the "Hans J. Schumacher" award to the Best Thesis on the Physicochemical area. Afterwards, he took part in a post doctoral project with Prof. Paul V. Braun at the Dept. of Materials, Science & Engineering of the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, where he specialized in colloidal mesoporous particles synthesis using soft templates made of lyotropic liquid crystals (2003-2006). Since 2006 he works as a researcher in the Chemistry of Nanomaterials Group (GQ-CNEA-CAC).