María Fernanda Torresan
(Córdoba, Argentina, 03-01-1990)

She obtained a degree of bachelor’s of science (BS) in Chemistry (FCQ-UNC) in 2012. In 2018 she completed her PhD in Chemistry carried out in the Department of Physical Chemistry (FCQ-UNC, INFIQC-CONICET) under the direction of Dr. Rodrigo Iglesias. Her PhD thesis was about the optimization of hybrid structures based on CdSe Quantum Dots sensitized TiO2 nanotubes employed as photoanodes for solar cells. Currently she is a postdoc fellow in the “Chemistry of Nanomaterials Group” (GC-CNEA) under the supervision of Dr. Alejandro Wolosiuk and Dr. Roberto Etchenique. The postdoc subject of research is the design of lanthanum based nanocarriers for photoinduced and controlled release of neurotransmitters.