Gustavo M. Segovia

Degree in Chemistry (2011-2016) graduated at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP). Gustavo received his Ph.D. (2016-2021) at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín. His Ph.D. thesis was supervised by Dr. Omar Azzaroni and Dr. Matias Rafti, carried out at the Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquímicas Teóricas y Aplicadas (INIFTA, CONICET-UNLP) and consisted of the synthesis and characterization of functionalized nanoparticles of metal-organic frameworks for self-assembling of electroactive films with controlled micro and mesoporosity. Currently, he is carrying out his postdoctoral studies in the Química de Nanomateriales group (Gerencia Química -GQ- e INN, GASNA, CAC-CNEA) supervised by Dra. Paula C. Angelomé and Dr. Cristián Huck-Iriart. The research subject consists of the designing of nanocomposites based on gold nanoparticles and inorganic hidrogels for using as sensing platforms of molecular transport and catalyzers.