Juan Ignacio Ramallo
(Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina 28-01-1994)

Proudly born in the south side of “conurbano bonaerense” (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires periphery). Juan have been always interested in maths, physics and chemistry. Furthermore he is attracted to developing technologies and their relation with social and political aspects. Juan studied Chemical Engineer after high school at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Facultad Regional Avellaneda (2012-2014). He did that in order to get in to Instituto de Tecnología Jorge A. Sabato. In 2014, he passed Sabato admission exam, where he is concluding his Materials Engineering degree career. Currently, Juan is doing his Seminar Work directed by Dra. Cecilia Fuertes and Mg. Diego Lionello in synthesis and structural and mechanical characterization of hybrid porous films with high toughness and scratch resistance. He hopes to make a contribution to the Argentina and Latin America technological development and sovereignty.