Santiago Poklépovich Caride
(Buenos Aires, 16-03-90)

Graduated in Chemical Sciences from the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of University of Buenos Aires (2015). During his first years of study (2010-2014) he performed research tasks in organic synthesis at the UBA's Organic Chemistry Department. In the last stage of his degree, he worked in the development of a nanosensor for pollutants detection in natural systems. At the same time he was part of the teaching staff of the UBA’s Organic Chemistry Department (2013-2016) and he also taught at Dan Beninson Institute (2015). Currently he is a PhD student at UNSAM with a fellowship granted by CONICET, working with Dr. Paula Angelomé and Dr. Andrea Bordoni as research advisors. His work consists in the study of the light induced surface functionalization of metallic nanoparticles using thiol-ene click reactions as a model.