Alexander Emanuel Kurtz

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Exact, Chemical and Natural Sciences of University of Misiones (2019). During his undergraduate studies he worked at the Institute of Materials of Misiones with Dr. Maria Laura Vera and Dr. Hernán Traid (2016-2018), in the synthesis of titanium dioxide with applications in heterogeneous photocatalysis. He also participated in the teaching staff of the Microbiology department as lab assistant (2017-2018). In 2019 he started a Master degree in Materials Science and Technology at Sábato Institute, under the direction of Dr. Andrea Bordoni and Dr. Veronica Lombardo. The masters thesis consisted in the synthesis and characterization of mesoporous titanium dioxide and its modification with phosphonate groups for applications in the removal of rare earths present in nuclear and mining activities waste. Currently he is a PhD student at UNSAM with a fellowship granted by CONICET, working with Dr. Alejandro Wolosiuk and Dr. Andrea Bordoni as research advisors. His work consists in the synthesis of adsorbents of metal-organic frameworks with hierarchical porosity through aerosol methods.