Facundo Herrera

Degree in Physics from UNICEN and PhD in Exact Sciences: Physics Area from UNLP. His thesis was based on the development of the controlled generation of nanostructured surfaces with extended order: Obtaining graphenes as a platform for applications in biosensing and for the design of optoelectronic devices, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Felix Requejo. He then carried out postdoctoral studies at the Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquímicas Teóricas y Aplicadas-UNLP (La Plata, Argentina), at the ALBA Synchrotron (Barcelona-Spain) in the NAPP-XPS CIRCE line, under the direction of Dr. Carlos Escudero. Later at the GET laboratory of the Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse-France), under the direction of Prof. Dr. Francois Martin, where he did research on New Nanocomposites of graphene and nanoclays: Design, synthesis characterization and applications. Finally, in 2020 he joined the Institute of Nanosystems UNSAM, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Galo Soler Illia. Dr Galo Soler Illia, to work on the development of electrodes based on mesoporous thin films for water photoelectrocleaning: synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation. Currently he is a postdoctoral researcher under the direction of Dr. Manuel Suarez Anzorena and Dr. Paula Angelomé to work on the implementation of Small angle neutron scattering techniques (SANS) and sample environments.