María Cecilia Fuertes
(Buenos Aires, 18-8-1978)

In 2003 she graduated as Materials Engineer (UNMdP). After that, she joined Instituto Sabato (UNSAM-CNEA) in order to carry out her Master studies, under the direction of Dr. Galo Soler Illia (2005). She then started her PhD studies (UNSAM-CNEA) also under the guidance of Dr. Galo Soler Illia (2005-2009). For her PhD thesis, "Macro and mesoporous thin films: supramolecular architectures for the design of advanced materials" she received the Jorge Sabato Award (Asociación Argentina de Materiales) for Best Master's Thesis Work 2005-2006. She also received the Jorge Sabato Award for the Best Doctoral Thesis 2009-2010 for her work "Multiscale functional materials based on mesoporous oxide films". Between 2009 and 2011 she held a postdoctoral stay at the de Solar Energy Group (CAC-CNEA), under the direction of Dr. Juan Pla. Since 2011 she is a CONICET researcher. She also works as Professor for the Instituto Sabato. She has published 24 scientific papers related to the design, synthesis and characterization of porous thin films with applications in optics, sensors, catalysis, separation, etc. and is co-author of a patent (2006) on porous photonic crystals.

mfuertes (at)