Paula C. Angelomé
(Buenos Aires, 24-5-1979)

In 2003, after obtaining a Licenciate degree (MSc) in Chemistry (FCEN-UBA), she joined the Chemistry of Nanomaterials Group to carry out her Doctoral Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Galo Soler Illia. In 2008 she obtained her PhD Degree, with the thesis entitled "Mesoporous metallic, mixed and hybrid oxide thin films. Towards a rational design of functional nanomaterials". For this work, she was awarded with the Premio Leloir (FCEN, UBA, 2009) and a Schumacher prize honorable mention (AAIFQ, 2009). Between 2008 and 2012 she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Colloid Chemistry Group (University of Vigo, Spain) under the direction of Prof. Luiz Liz-Marzán. She came back to the group in 2012, as a CONICET Researcher; since 2017 she holds an Independent Research position. She has been in charge of several national and international research projects. She has supervised several degree thesis, co-supervised a MSc thesis, supervised one PhD thesis and co-supervised other two. She has published more than 40 scientific papers related to the synthesis, characterization and uses of mesoporous oxides, metal nanoparticles and composite materials containing both.

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