Tamara Antonella Altieri
(Buenos Aires, 9-4-1991)

In December 2016, she graduated in Chemical Sciences at the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of the University of Buenos Aires (FCEyN - UBA). In 2018 she completed the postgraduate course in Nuclear Reactors and its Fuel Cycle at the Instituto Dan Beninson of the National University of San Martín (UNSAM). In June 2015, she joined the Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica of Argentina (CNEA). She carried out research and development tasks in interfaces and surface chemistry of corrosion products in the Department of Chemical and Processes in Nuclear Facilities. She assisted in the decontamination, chemical cleaning and chemical control of the water of small nuclear facilities. She is currently performing a PhD under the guide of Dr. Alejandro Wolosiuk in the development of Zirconia nanomaterials with nuclear applications in the Fundamentals and Applications of Chemistry Department of CNEA. She has been a primary assistant at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the FCEyN - UBA since 2014 and the School of Science and Technology of UNSAM since 2017.